@troodon ,,y'know i should've probably made it clearer that i was intending to ask you the question
so i shall ping you again because i don't know who else to ask anymore, and hope i can at least comprehend whatever your answer shall be (and with some luck it might even help?)

@troodon hello again, might as well hook onto this thread before vulpine.club shuts down
i think i'm less self-deprecative now so no more "do i deserve to be a dragon"
however i've still no clue how to be one ("just do it" provides no information but it's a frustratingly common response) and i'm struggling to find people who get what i mean so hi!
(i have notes at cohost.org/hecko/post/2089141- but you already know the 2 bold ones so no need to read them)

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"furlongs per pint" sounds like total nonsense but it's exactly the same as miles per gallon

so you can literally just substitute it in

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look at my plant sim you love my plant sim

image description: an artist's rendition of a plant sim from the sims 2, he is holding and looking at a small calico kitten. he has elongated ears.

#art #thesims2

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Cat Knight

#StableDiffusion #AI

Prompt: kneeling cat knight, portrait, finely detailed armor, intricate design, silver, silk, cinematic lighting, 4k

Parameters:scale7.50-k euler

@lotte now i wonder how one could design a system that avoids that
i don't think it's possible to limit the range because after adding a number 2n times there must necessarily be at least n digits that have been affected
could still limit amount of bits changed per addition though
gray coding solves it for incrementing but that's about it

@koyu .net the top-level domain or .net the framework
because the latter is still quite alive and i vaguely recall hearing mono isn't completely up to par

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as a joke I asked dbrand to draw my fursona and put it with my screen protector and THERE HE IS MY SWEET PRECIOUS BOY

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@SuricrasiaOnline not sure if this counts but: rite a bunch of digits that feel somewhat random, split them into a few equally-sized groups, add all the first digits together and take the last digit of the sum (aka modulo 10) and that's your first random digit; then all the second, third etc
(originally i thought to write them in rows instead of splitting into groups after the fact, but with a single line one's less likely to introduce bias i think)

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Looks like a lot ofpeople are confused/annoyed by Mastodon and many other Fediverse platforms not backfilling old posts when an account is followed.

This complete lack of backfilling means that many new accounts or those with few followers may appear completely blank, even if they've posted lots of interesting stuff.

If you agree and think Mastodon should backfill at least some posts when people follow an account, please give this issue a thumbs up:


If you're not comfortable using github, let me know and I can try to post on your behalf.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Backfilling

@iska@mstdn.starnix.network please note the subtitle

Best part? You don't need to have installed Genshin Impact.

it's not the user who consented, it's microsoft who did it on their behalf by signing it
also it seems to bypass uac too according to the table at the bottom of this page trendmicro.com/en_us/research/

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You'd think that a protocol that is so universally standardized can actually be configured easily by all the main mailclients.

But they have no interest in improving the workflow for anything other then their own heavier protocols, like exchange in this case. Or in the case of Apple, their own mailservices.

People blame us (suppliers of regular mailboxes) for being hard to configure. But all autoconfig records get ignored, industry defaults get marked as "optional", it's all just so fucking frustrating...

@fluffy @bluestarultor right on the money in the case of glitch-soc (mastodon fork with gimmicks), bluestar's post shows up with underscores and a proper markdown-created post has html in it

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