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What the....! 😳


🔥 New Post: Announcing InAppBrowser - see what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser

👀 TikTok, when opening any website in their app, injects tracking code that can monitor all keystrokes, including passwords, and all taps.


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sci-fi authors: i invented the torment nexus in my recent novel as a cautionary tale
tech industry: we finally built the torment nexus from the hit novel “don’t build the torment nexus”
tech twitter: I am playing doom on my torment nexus! — twitter for torment nexus

does anyone here have tips on how to make a fursona/oc that is Me™ instead of just Something I Like™
as in e.g. i enjoy big dragons but i don't think a big dragon would be a representation of me
is this even a cromulent concept

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Wish sign and touch languages were mainstream. There are so many situations where sounds don't carry, and neurotypes/disabilities that don't process sounds the same! Basically the absolute dominance of audible verbal language to the exclusion of everything else is a disservice to everyone (though not to the same extent for everyone), thanks for coming to my ted talk

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Does anyone know about any libre "v-tuber" software?

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which ralsei are you vote now
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video game where each level is someone saying something like "I want to make a sandwich but I don't know how!" and you have the gary's mod physgun and can only manipulate the person who asked

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Heard the story of the girl throwing starfish into the ocean? A man watching her says "don't you know there are miles of beach and you can't make a difference?"

The girl bends down and scoops up another starfish and gently throws it into the ocean, turns to the man and says "it made a difference to that one".

I often think of this story when world events make me feel powerless. I can't help everyone, but I can help *someone*.

So... if anyone needs me to throw them into the sea, I'm here.

@eris @twinkle_mouse i followed like 2 of y'all and your instance is already beating the runner-up tenfold in terms of incoming activity i'm impressed

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @tickfoot - Gardener and permaculture enthusiast, growing your own food etc.

🌟 & & - Free open source password manager

🌟 @vs_everyone - Bot posting unusual crossovers of characters from popular culture

🌟 @posiputt - Artist creating lovely doodles, often featuring foxes

🌟 @letstalkphilosophy - Videos about famous philosophers

🌟 @AntennaPod - Free open podcast manager app for Android

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[Narator Voice]: "Bunnymoon is preparing the great bunny stampede of Ponyville."

My mental health is still shit so it took me some time to finish my first attack for this years #artfight.

In retrospect I shouldn't have chosen a night scene because it screws the base colors.

#Artfight2022 #MLPFiM #art #furry #mlp #fantasy #mastoart

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Climate catastrophe 

Swiss news in may: "In 1000 years, Brenets Lake will only be a beautiful memory."

Swiss news yesterday: "Completely dried up, Brenets Lake disappeared."

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I'm rarely proud of my works but for this one I am a little bit, I admit.
I made this painting for my partner @Nyaaa.

Nyaaa is showing Twilight the world of video games.
What game would you play with her?

#furry #mlp #mylittlepony #art #digitalart #digitalpainting

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Look, I'm not saying my artworks were the reason #TeamBloom won this year's #ArtFight but they sure didn't make it harder.

Take that, Team Wither!

#mlp #mastoart

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when you speak a telephone number, or numbers in general.
for '0', what do you say?

I cant vote on this but I say 'zero'

#poll #numbers #question #boost #share

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